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February 2014

February 2 If You Have An Opportunity (LISTEN) (WATCH)
Barbara Waterhouse shares amazing insights to the many opportunities that life consistently offers!  As Barbara teaches, "If you have the opportunity to be generous, take it!"  This generosity is in all areas - time, money, love, friendship and more.  When we see events as opportunities, we can either constrict our attention and energy or open to a greater expression of the Divine.  This presence of Self brings Clarity, Empowerment and expanded Expression of our Divine nature. Our lives naturally expand in richness when we meet it with generosity.


January 2014

January 26 Inside Of You (LISTEN) (WATCH)
Barbara Waterhouse shares a story of triumph through the power of Happiness and knowing that Life supports each of us in Spiritual Truth…and it's Inside of You! Remembering that brings Freedom, Joy, Health and Empowerment!
January 19 I Can See Clearly Now (LISTEN) (WATCH)
Barbara Waterhouse delivers a powerful and inspiring message on the power of Now!  Using the popular song "I Can See Clearly Now" as a metaphor on shifting our focus, we see that by shifting our perspective to what we choose in the 'now' is what gives us freedom and empowerment to direct and experience our life - rather than living at the effect of what appears to be the conditions of our life. This moves us into the experience of First Cause, rather than Secondary Causation. 
January 12 A Reason, A Season Or A Lifetime (LISTEN) (WATCH)
John Waterhouse gives a dynamic message on the roles that specific relationships play in our lives.  People come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and each aspect of the relationship, whether a personal relationship or even a community, offers unique gifts that add to our spiritual evolution.
January 5 Increased Life (LISTEN) (WATCH)
Barbara Waterhouse shares a compelling message about taking action in ways that increases the experience of Prosperity and Health in our Life.  To build a Healing Consciousness, we must heal what is unresolved within us!  Becoming self-aware, affirming the Truth of your Divinity and moving in the direction of what your desire leads to Increased Life!



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